May 06, 2007

Provision For Electrical

All electric lines were embedded in the stone stem wall. Outdoor direct burial #10-wire (30-amp capacity) was used. Placing electrical boxes in a stone wall was a challenge; but the height of the wall (2-1/2' - 4' tall) necessitated such placements.

Also notice on the right side of the photo, a piece of plastic electrical conduit (capped). This conduit extends through the wall on the south-side of the building, for the purpose of future telecommunications hookups or antennas.

The five electrical circuits terminate in the future solar equipment/battery room.

Not shown are two (2) additional underground conduits; installed with the purpose of providing electricity to future adobe buildings that will compliment the studio as part of this hacienda-style site layout.

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StrawBoss said...

Wow, things are moving along. The stonework is beautiful!