June 01, 2007


Following the application of at least 12" of gravel over the drain pipe, 6-mil plastic was laid on top of the gravel and the entire disturbed area was backfilled. To facilitate water drainage away from the stem wall, the soil was graded to slope away from the building. As the backfill was in progress, a tamper was used to compact the soil to help prevent settling (although some settling is expected).

Once the backfill was complete, about 1" of sandy gravel was added to the disturbed area. This was for practical reasons. The gravel will help: 1) Keep dust from kicking-up during high winds. 2) Keep excessive mud off boots during the upcoming summer monsoon season. 3) Reduce soil erosion during rain.

Completion of the backfill will improve building productivity because the stem-wall on the west side (the berm side), was getting too high to reach. Also, working in the narrow confines between the earthen berm and the stem wall was a safety issue (cave-in, trip/fall).


StrawBoss said...

I spent time today reading your past postings. I really like the inspiration for the shape of your building.

This will make a great art space. Do plan to start cobbing before monsoons or wait until after?

It's interesting to watch your progress.


StrawBoss said...

Uno mas, por favor.

You might enjoy this film having to do with art made from the earth.


Barton said...

Hi Judy: Thanks for your comments. I still have some stonework that may take me into early August. By the time I prepare for and begin cobbing, the monsoons may be close to over..But let's all hope for a long monsoon season..