December 08, 2007

Honeycomb Calcite for Cob Wall

I plan to place in my cob walls, a beautiful translucent orange-golden colored stone called Honeycomb Calcite. The stone is quarried in northeast Utah as boulders, then cut into slabs, cored to make cylinders or scuplted into various shapes. Over the past 7-years I have been selling this stone as a side business after incorporating small slab in the wall of an adobe building I completed (see Adobe Out-Building).

You can see from the photos in the link for the adobe out-building, the stained-glass effect with the stone placed in the wall is fantastic. After the adobe out-bulding was completed, I fell in love with the stone and I now plan to use it in all my natural buildings.

The slabs shown in the photo above weigh up to 200 pounds. They have not yet been polished to bring out the full color and texture. Only one or two will be placed in the studio walls, the others will be sold to artists, sculptors, and other natural builders.

I need to select the Honeycomb Calcite slabs I will use in my studio before I begin the cob, so I can devise a mounting method to insert the slab and build the cob wall around the stone. Stay tuned to this blog as building progresses.

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