March 18, 2008

Retaining Wall

The stone retaining wall for the western berm was recently completed. It rises to 8-feet high, which is about 1-2 feet higher than the earth on the western side of the studio building.

Eventually, the wall will be extended further (north) along the excavation to become the western wall for new (future) buildings.

For now, the wall was constructed to this size in order to protect the studio from a possible cave-in of the earthen berm during heavy summer monsoon rains.

The area between the retaining wall an the studio as shown in the photo will remain outdoors as part of the 'hacienda' concept envisioned for the several additional living structures planned for this overall design.

The second photo shown here is a close-up of the wall showing details of the stone masonry.

As with the rest of the studio stem-walls. All stone has been obtained locally in dry washes and nearby mountains.

After two years, the stone work is wrapping up. There still are some finishing touches before the 'cobbing' will begin.

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