September 30, 2008

Cob Preparation Project for a Sunday Afternoon

Fastening A Window - Preparing for Cob

This is a window I'm adding on the northeast facing curve in the wall. I wanted this window up-high, so to provide cross-ventilation for the large room of the studio space.

I'm using rebar, coming-up from the stone stem wall, to provide support for the window (frame). I used a section of bamboo, secured to the the rebar, as the securing base of the frame. The top of the window frame is level with the top of the door frame, just next to it.

Click on photo for an enlarged view

I have anchor bolts extending-out from the frame (in photo shown coming out from either side of the frame). These anchor bolts, along with the bamboo and vertical rebar supports, will all be "cobbed-over" eventually. "A support within a support" So-to-speak.

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