April 14, 2009

Styling with Adobe Block

The doorway show on the left will have adobe blocks that, when finished, will stair-step down away from the doorway creating the feeling of an old 'ruin'. The effect in the architecture of the structure will be that of a newer cob building, built over 'ruin' of an old adobe block building.

The idea to use adobe block in the cob building came from knowing that I had adobe bricks on site since the year 2000, the year the out-building (pump house) was constructed.

I wanted to use materials already on hand in construction of the studio, so I had a creative challenge to design those adobes into this cob building aestheticly.

All these years since 2000, approximately 120 adobes were left over and kept under protective wrap - waiting for a suitable application. That time has come.

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