December 07, 2009

Progress Photo

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I'm learning that the higher up you go (especially up-and-down scaffolding), the slower the progress.  However, the work continues!


doc lockwood said...

hello, very clear fotos and explanations...thanks for sharing your xlnt design so others can ooh and ahh while the build continues. I came to your site thru bamboo interests lie in berming a 50' dome made w/ bamboo rebar, and using a 12' central stone stack as a solar vault and stair/service/utilities chase for the 3 story structure. Awesome honeycomb stones, more close-ups of these? Your studio and art will reflect back all the good energy you now invest. More power to you, peace. Doc

Bart Santello said...

Thanks Doc.

Good luck with your project. If you start a blog or website for your project...Let me know. Bart