November 08, 2011

A Footing in the Sky Poured


The Masonite forms as discussed in the previous blog held-up excellent during the pour.  The concrete mix for the bond beam was 3-gallons water, a half-bag of Portland Cement (47-lbs) and 350 lbs of gravel/sand. This recipe was derived from several books I have on concrete that would give me a suitable mix for footings and foundations.  Initially, I weighed a 5-gallon bucket with the sand/gravel mix. It came in at 70-lbs.  So then I knew to add 5-buckets to the mix in order to achieve the 350 lbs called for in the recipe.

Myself and a helper took 3-hours non-stop to mix the concrete (6 mixer batches) and haul the concrete up scaffolding in buckets to accomplish the task. Approximately 1-ton of concrete was used in this pour.

To begin working on the roof structure is a psychological milestone.  There is still additional 'cobbing' to be done to raise the main room's wall height to 12-feet, so effort over the next few months will switch back-and-forth from working on the walls to working on the sections of the roof structure.

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