April 09, 2012

North Room at Roof Height

The photo below shows the north room walls at roof height (for the most part).  The string along the rebar was set with a surveyor's level in order to ensure the wall is completed at a uniform height.  Provision for an outdoor light fixture can be seen at the bottom-left of the photo. 

This strangely shaped room will be divided in half with one section used for storage and the other side will be the 'utility' room for the solar power electronics and the battery bank to store the solar energy.  This section of the room will have its own separate entrance via a small 2-ft wide door (see bottom photo).


The photo below is a ground view of the same part of the building (north wall shown above.  The entry door to the utility room is clearly visible along with the freshly laid 'cob' along the top.

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Sara Mathewson said...

hi Bart!

I remember when you were building the base with the rocks1 that is the last time I visited your cool place.
It is really looking good.

take care,