January 30, 2014

Time Has its Own Pace

The Photo below of the studio was taken standing southeast, looking Northwest.  Friend and fellow filmmaker Scott Griessel of Creatisa stopped by with his wife Anna for the afternoon and we took some creative time to snap a few photos.  

if you want to see some nice artistic shots of the studio that Scott took on his visit, click on the following link to my "Outpost" blog on Tumblr.  


The photo below was taken looking up at a portion of the southeast room as seen in the photo above, protruding-out.  Notice the band of concrete making up the room's 'bond beam' at ceiling wall height. I plan to finish that exposed concrete with a tile of yet unknown design. 

The drain pipe was recycled from a construction dumpster. Then at the top notice the thin band (2"-thick) of colored concrete as a top-cap to the parapet wall. The top-cap will eliminate the need for re-patching lime plaster in the future (lessons-learned from my adobe outbuilding project). In addition, it will assist future roof maintenance in the future by being able to walk-along and place tools on the top-cap with worry of damage to the wall.

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