April 18, 2016

Scaffolding Necessary to Complete Dome

I took a day to arrange the scaffolding in order to work comfortable at the top of the dome.  The photo may suggest a precarious situation, but actually the platforms are stable.

The dome has changed everything with respect to the architecture and imagination of the structure.   And the inside ceiling of the dome will open possibilities for finishing renders and lighting.   I hope to complete the dome before the summer monsoon season around the beginning of July.


Andy said...

Looks like an acient dwelling restoration project. Very cool.

Blogs of Bart Santello said...

Thanks Andy. Some of the ideas for the building's architecture originate with 'ancient' designs and methods. See earlier post: http://cobstudio.blogspot.com/2011/07/micro-chaco.html

Gary said...

Bart, the place is looking awesome! Was hoping for some progress pics.
Hi to Peggy!!