May 28, 2019

East Room Wall - Cobbing Toward Final Height

With approximately 1-month to the start of the summer monsoon season, it looks like the east room will have to go without a roof, but cobbing continues to build the last part of the east wall up to final height.

The photograph below shows a section of the east room wall with the cob level at the wall's final height. The North section of the wall already has had the bond beam poured.  Once a form is constructed on this newly completed section of the wall, concrete will be poured about 4-5" thick to establish the bond beam.  This will be documented when the time comes so keep checking this blog over the next few months for updates.

The left side of the photograph above is the completed (level) east wall at final height.  The right side of the picture shows what is left to cob.  The vertical rebar extending from the top of the wall, represents the surveyed final height.  A surveyor's level was used to accomplish the task of measurement. 

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