May 31, 2006

Pick & Shovel

I began work by digging a 2-foot wide, 18-inch deep 'footing' trench, that made up the footprint of my studio design. The compacted heavy clay soil of my land is ideal for digging trenches with firm side-walls. In another building I constructed on my property; I created a concrete footing, simply by digging a trench in the clay, set up reinforcing bar, then poured concrete directly into the ground. No form-work was necessary. This method saved both time and money.

Refering to the photo, the circular room will be the library/office. The large oval room will be the primary creative space for digital-film post production. The rectangular space to the right will contain the batteries & controlling equipment for the building's solar-electric power. A division in the same room will provide storage space for the studio. To get a feel for scale, the building will be approximately 35-feet by 25 -feet in size.

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