June 04, 2006

Gravity Drains

It is critical that rubble-trench footings be properly drained; especially since heavy clay soils are expansive and could put stresses on the footings. Wet clay soils could also result in excessive settling of the structure if not kept dry.

I used a builder's level to pitch piping for a gravity drain to remove any water that could accumulate in the rubble-trench footing. The south sloping land away from the structure provides a natural contour for water removal.

The entire footing trench will be lined with heavy-duty construction grade plastic prior to being filled with 1"-3" rounded river rock.

The studio footing gradually slopes (1" per 7-ft) from the northwest corner toward the southeast corner where the drain pipe is located. Any water drained out the pipe will irrigate a mesquite tree grove on the north side of a dry wash.

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