September 28, 2006

Anasazi Arch

During my travels to Chaco Canyon and other Anasazi ruins throughout the Four-Corners area of the southwest, I noticed in several locations the design of what I call the "Anasazi Arch" (see photo to right). It's essentially a "T"-shaped passage between rooms. In the case of this photo the passage leads from a room into a ceremonial room of the great Kiva known as "Casa Rinconada" at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.

I plan to incorporate an "Anasazi Arch" that will connect my studio work room with the library room.

The photo to the right shows the begining of the "Anasazi Arch" in the studio with a view looking toward the main studio room behind me.

The stone work is in its early stages, but the right side of the passage shows the detail work to this point.

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