July 24, 2012

Summer Monsoon Stalls Progress

I was hoping to pour another bond-beam before the summer monsoon rains started (usually around the end of the first week in July). But by that time I already had 4-inches of water recorded from the rain gauge.

As shown in the photo, there were a couple of inches of standing water due to the dense clay soil. The clay is good for making adobe but not for absorbing water! Clay on your shoes can be very 'slick', so waking about the building site and climbing latters and scaffolding can invite injury.

Lightning also accompanies these monsoon storms, so working on scaffolding with steel rebar sticking-up into the air all around seems like an invitation for an electrical strike. So when I see the storms starting to roll in, I pack up the tools and head indoors.

So until things dry out, I'm doing mostly maintenance tasks around the property. Stay tuned!

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