August 20, 2012

Initial Dome Framework Emerges

I recently changed my original plan of a flat roof for the kiva room to reflect what I originally wanted to do. This circular room was at first envisioned for a dome when the rock stem wall was constructed. However, since the building's architecture was derived from Anasazi buildings at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, I changed my mind a planned a flat roof to keep the building's design consistent.

Then with work on the roof structure of the studio commencing; I changed my mind back to a dome for several reasons. First, having studied in the past dome architecture from Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy and Iranian architect Nadar Khalili, it's an asethic that I really found appealing in adobe buildings. Secondly, I wanted the challenge of constructing the dome. And third, I decided that my building process is better suited to reflect an amalgam of architectural styles in order to create something unique and original from a design standpoint.


The picture above represents the initial rebar framework. More framework still needs to be fabricated but I wanted to get the rebar installed before pouring the concrete bond-beam that will support the weight of the dome on the existing cob walls. Thus the rebar frame will be locked into the bond-beam.

The dome itself will be made from cob also with lime-plaster exterior finish. The parabola shape of the dome will make it self-supporting with the rebar frame acting as a safety factor for support, seismic stability and as a guide when lay-up the cob on the walls.

Stay tuned!

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gina said...

This is pretty amazing. I would vote dome over flat roof-but I don't have to build it.