December 17, 2012

Beams for South Room

A milestone in any building project is reaching the roof. But building a roof is complicated and challenging. My approach here is to make the process manageable by dividing the roof into four separate projects. Each roof line will be at a different level (height).


In the photo, two 10-inch diameter Ponderosa Pine beams 10-feet in length were laid on top of the concrete bond beam of the small 6-ft x 8-ft (south-facing) room and secured by metal straps that are anchored into the bond beam. The beams rest on and extend 12-inches on the bond beam as a best practice approach.

The cob mix (clay/straw) is now being built-up around the walls and in future blog posts I will show how I plan to use bamboo as 'latillas' across the beams to create the basis of the rood deck.

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