September 03, 2012

Bond Beam Poured for Dome

After completing the Rebar structure that will reinforce a cob dome, the concrete bond beam was poured at the base to support and distribute the weight of the dome.  


In order to "tie-in" the dome Rebar structure to the building's cob wall, horizontal Rebar laid into the channel in which the bond beam was poured.  Vertical Rebar originating from the stone stem wall, was also tied into bond beam completing the connection from stem wall to dome.

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Anonymous said...

Hey brother,

I have dug through most of your posts with your cob construction and I love it. I would love to do the same myself someday. In the meantime all I can do is look at what other people are doing provided that they are generous enough with their time to photograph, talk about construction, and of course, post.

I just wanted to say thanks for all of your posts so far and I so look forward to the new ones. I hope to see it finished one day.

Great work!