June 15, 2020

Building up the Roof Structure

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a roof structure.  The last blog post showed the 'barn-board' ceiling installed on top of the vigas, but a ceiling is not a roof.  This post here continues the story. 

One consideration when using the reclaimed barn-board was knot holes and irregular edging which upon installation resulted in minor gaps and see-through holes.  I knew above the barn-board I would be installing a layer of rigid foam insulation and I didn't want to look-up at the ceiling and see the white foam board between any gaps or knot-holes.

My inexpensive solution was to purchase a roll of thick woven burlap fabric and layout on top of the barn-board, secured using a contractor's staple gun (see photo below).


The next layer as mentioned was the application of QTY 8, 4'x 8' sheets of 1-1/2" thick rigid foam insulation.   This R-tech insulation is insect and mold proof (see photo below).  The insulation panels were held in place using wide-head nails.

The final layer for this phase was QTY 8, 4' x 8' sheet of 1/2", plywood.  I need to trim the plywood at the edges where necessary and complete the securing of the plywood with wood screws.

The wall of the structure still needs to be build-up with cob (straw/clay) to roof height and waterproof and drainage.  The summer rain monsoon season is fast approaching, bringing urgency to this phase of the project.

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