June 08, 2021

Rubberized Coating over Lightweight Concrete Roof


Now that the lightweight concrete roof has been poured and pitched to allow proper drainage out the roof scupper drain, sealing with two coats of a liquid rubber coating was applied (see picture/video).  This will be followed by several topping coats of white elastomeric (cool-coat) to add further sealing to the roof and protect the liquid rubber from UV degradation and reflect about 90% of the sun's UV & infrared rays.

The liquid rubber I use is called "Blue Max" from Ames Research.  This product is non-toxic, VOC free and eco-friendly.  The cool coat to be use will be "Maxi-Stretch" also from Ames Research. 


There is still work to do with regard to the parapet wall and some ornamental block work on the west end of the roof near the dome.  Finally there will be a concrete top-cap added to the parapet wall.  Stay tuned!  

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