May 30, 2021

Parapet Wall

The next step in the roof construction was to create the "parapet wall" which is essentially the building-up of the exterior wall above the roof line. 

Due to the amount of physical labor required to move the cob mix (clay/straw) up over 15-feet above the ground and the fact the the parapet wall itself is not structural...I was able to make the parapet wall only 8-9" thick and approximately 13"-tall.  

The photograph below shows a portion of the finished wall at the southeast side of the building. 


To drain approximately 300-sq.ft. of roof space, I purchased a section of clay section of a chimney flue liner to use as a scupper.   The photo below shows two layers of cob: The 'lighter' color clay (dry) is the portion of the wall raised from the concrete bod beam to the roof line (previous post).   The darker (wetter-drying) section of cob surrounding the chimney flue textends from the roof line to the top of the parapet wall.

Below shows a wider angle perspective.  Keep in mind that the rolled-roofing shown does not represent the finished roof.  It was really meant to protect the built-up roof underneath it from the elements until the final roof is completed.

Below shows the building exterior (North section - looking South) to the final 'cob' wall height.  Note: There will be a top-cap to the parapet wall.  But that will come as part of the 'finishing' work to the roof structure in the near future.

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